About Us
Arrow Roofing and Supply, Inc. is a full service commercial roofing company with offices in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan. On April 1st 2009, we celebrated our 40th anniversary of providing quality services for commercial roofing, sheet metal roofing, service, and waterproofing. Since 1969, Arrow Roofing has aligned itself as an authorized applicator for all of the major roofing manufacturers that we feel have demonstrated a history of quality products, services, and commitment to the markets we serve.
Arrow Roofing's equipment fleet of cranes, semi trucks, boom lifts, roof off truck, pettibones, stake trucks, heated predator machines, vans and pickups allows us to completely service our customers and totally control projects from start to finish.
Arrow Roofing prides itself as being a leader within the roofing industry. There are many significant differences between us and our competitors. All of our customers benefit from the following:
Drug Free: Arrow Roofing is a certified drug free workplace. Fourteen percent of our workforce is randomly tested every quarter. The amount of illegal drugs within the roofing industry is alarming. We are extremely proud of our drug free workforce. 
Employees: Arrow Roofing does not employ temporary employees. We believe that our permanent employees give our customers the highest level of quality. All employees are trained in best safety practices and roof system standards.  
Quality: In 2011, Arrow Roofing was the only West Michigan contractor to receive the Carlisle Syntec “Excellence in Single Ply (ESP)” award, Firestone Building Products “Master Contractor” award, and Firestone Building Products “Inner Circle of Quality” award. Our team’s continuous attention to detail is what earned these awards.
Safety: Arrow Roofing has a full-time safety director that inspects our projects to ensure all company and MIOSHA guidelines are followed.
Sheet Metal: We are one of the few facilities in Michigan that carries ES-1 and FM certification. With this certification we are able to provide metal products that meet current building codes and FM’s insurance requirements. 
Insurance: All of our projects are covered under a 5 million dollar insurance policy due to the high end projects we are involved with.